How to change the pressure washer nozzle

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Hello, I am Santy, the funder of I have been in cleaning machinery field for more than 5 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pressure washer from a Chinese supplier's perspective.

Pressure washers are handy cleaning tools, while different cleaning task requires a specific pressure washing methods. This is where the power of a pressure washer nozzle comes into play. Changing the nozzle of your pressure washer can drastically transform your cleaning efficiency. BISON, as a focused pressure washer manufacturer, are here to show you how to change the pressure washer nozzle step by step. Keep reading.

Types of pressure washer nozzles

Before purchasing a new pressure washer nozzle (or set), it is essential to understand that they are only sometimes universal. Even nozzles of the same color and angle come in multiple sizes. Pressure washers have different flow rates and pressure specifications, determining the nozzle size best for a particular unit.

Steps to change the pressure washer nozzle

How to change pressure washer nozzle

Step 1: Prepare Your Pressure Washer

Before you begin changing the nozzle, always ensure your pressure washer is turned off and the water source is disconnected. This helps avoid accidental spraying and increases safety. Locate the power switch or button on your pressure washer. It is usually located on the control panel or near the handle.

Step 2: Understanding the Colors

Pressure washer nozzles come in different colors, each signifying a different spray pattern and pressure. They often range from a narrow, high-pressure 0° (red) pattern, to a wide, low-pressure 40° (white) pattern. The black nozzle typically serves as a soap dispenser.

change the pressure washer nozzle

Step 3: Remove the old nozzle

Locate the nozzle on the end of the pressure washer wand or gun. It is usually threaded at the end. Hold the wand of your pressure washer securely and twist the old nozzle counter-clockwise, it should loosen quite easily.If the nozzle is tightly secured, use a wrench or unique removal tool to loosen it.

It’s important to note that some pressure washers may have a quick-connect system, where the nozzle is attached to a quick-release mechanism rather than threaded. In such cases, you can easily take out the nozzle by squeezing the side release tabs and pulling it out.

With the nozzle safely removed, you can move on to the next step: inspecting the nozzle for any damage.

Step 4: Attach the new nozzle

Once you’ve chosen the right nozzle for your task, it’s time to reattach it to the pressure washer wand or pressure washer gun.
Follow these steps to reattach the nozzle properly:

  • Ensure the nozzle and the threads on the spray wand or gun are dry and free of debris.
  • Align the threads on the nozzle with the corresponding lines on the spray wand or gun.
  • Press the nozzle onto the spray wand or gun and rotate it clockwise.
  • Continue rotating the nozzle clockwise until it is secure and tight. Take care not to overtighten as this could lead to harm.
  • Give the nozzle a slight tug to confirm it is properly attached and will not loosen during use.

It is essential to ensure the nozzle is attached correctly when using a pressure washer to prevent any leaks or changes in the spray pattern. Always double-check that the nozzle is securely tightened before operating the machine.

How to change pressure washer nozzles

Step 5: Restart the Pressure Washer

After you’ve successfully secured the nozzle, it’s essential to restart the machine to ensure everything works properly. Remember to always stand at a safe distance when you first test the pressure of the new nozzle.

Experiment with different spray patterns using the appropriate nozzle. Start with a wide spray pattern and progressively move to a narrower way to gauge pressure and coverage.

Pay attention to any unusual sounds or vibrations that may indicate a problem with the pressure washer. If everything works correctly, continue using the pressure washer for your desired cleaning tasks.

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How to change the pressure washer nozzle FAQs

Yes, you can remove the pressure washer nozzle by hand. Turn the nozzle counterclockwise to open it with a stick or lance.

In most cases, you won't need tools to remove the pressure washer nozzle. However, if the nozzle is stuck, you can use a pair of pliers and twist it to get a better grip.

Removing and cleaning your pressure washer nozzle after every 20-25 hours of use is recommended. This will help prevent clogs and make sure your pressure washer keeps operating at its peak efficiency.

If the pressure washer nozzle is stuck, use a lubricant such as WD-40 to help loosen it. Let the oil sit for a few minutes, then try turning the nozzle off again.

You can change the pressure washer nozzle to a different size or angle to suit your cleaning needs. Just be sure to choose a compatible nozzle for your pressure washer model.


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