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China Bison Diesel High Pressure Washer

Reliable diesel high pressure washer, manufactured by China Bison, with 100% inspection. BISON is deeply trusted by professionals and users at home and aborad.

BISON is now one of the world’s fastest-growing brand manufacturers of pressure washer cleaner and high pressure washer accessories, including the diesel power washer and electric start diesel pressure washer.

Contact BISON immediately to send a diesel pressure washer wholesale request or send an inquiry about the diesel engine pressure washer. We will help you choose the best diesel cold water pressure washer according to your needs. In addition, we also provide pictures, PDFs, videos, etc to help you expand your business.


2500psi 15lpm Diesel Operated High Pressure Washer

Driven Type: Diesel engine driven

Engine Output: 6.0 HP/ 296cc

Pump Type:Industrial Plunger Pump

Model Flow Rate LPM/GPM Working Pressure Bar/PSI Starting Type
D200A 15LPM / 4GPM 170Bar / 2500PSI Recoil Start
DE200A 15LPM / 4GPM 170Bar / 2500PSI Electric Start
D200B 15LPM / 4GPM 170Bar / 2500PSI Recoil Start
DE200B 15LPM / 4GPM 170Bar / 2500PSI Electric Start

3000PSI- 3600PSI 15lpm Diesel Driven Pressure Washer

Driven Type: Diesel engine driven

Engine Output: 10 HP/ 418cc

Pump Type: Industrial Plunger Pump

Model Flow Rate LPM/GPM Working Pressure Bar/PSI Starting Type
D250A 15LPM / 4GPM 250Bar / 3600PSI Recoil Start
DE250A 15LPM / 4GPM 250Bar / 3600PSI Electric Start
D250B 15LPM / 4GPM 250Bar / 3600PSI Recoil Start
DE250B 15LPM / 4GPM 250Bar / 3600PSI Electric Start
D250C 15LPM / 4GPM 250Bar / 3600PSI Recoil Start
DE250C 15LPM / 4GPM 250Bar / 3600PSI Electric Start
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BS D22

7250PSI 500bar Heavy Duty Diesel Pressure Washer

Driven Type: Diesel engine driven

Engine Output: 6HP/9HP

Pump Type:Industrial Plunger Pump

Model Flow Rate LPM/GPM Working Pressure Bar/PSI Starting Type
D22 15 LPM / 4GPM 500Bar / 7250PSI Recoil Start

Diesel High Pressure Washer Application

Pressure Washer Application
Pressure Washer Application 3
Pressure Washer Application 2
Pressure Washer Application 4

Diesel Pressure Washer Application

What do you use a diesel-powered pressure washer for? Here are some important applications of diesel pressure washers:

  • Washing bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, trailers, tractors, boats, and more.
  • Cleaning driveways, garage floors, sheds, fences, and other surfaces. Removing dirt and grime from outdoor play equipment, such as slides and swings.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of outdoor furniture and garden furniture.
  • Eliminating unpleasant odors from wheeled trash cans.
  • Sanitizing kennels, chicken houses, and other animal enclosures.
  • Cleaning various equipment, including lawn mowers, mountain bikes, trailers, grills, go-karts, and more.
  • Effectively cleaning concrete or tiled terraces.
  • Clearing clogged sewer lines.
  • Cleaning main entrance stairs, walkways, wooden decks, house siding, and brick houses.

Advantages and Features of BISON Diesel Pressure Washer

Maximum flexibility and mobility

BISON's diesel-powered pressure washers provide a significant edge by not relying on electricity or regular water systems. Cutting-edge technology allows these machines to draw water from a variety of sources such as tanks, rivers, or wells. This makes them an optimal choice for undertaking cleaning tasks in fields or construction sites.

Fully Complete Pressure Washer Accessories

All BISON pressure cleaner are equipped with various car washer accessories as standard. High pressure washer gun, high pressure washer extension wand, nozzles, suction hose with strainer are all included. Also includes a high pressure washer hose for applying cleaner. When you buy BISON high pressure washer, your customers will have everything you need to get the job done. Our ergonomic accessory concept enables you to increase the productivity of your pressure washer with various accessories and attachments designed for different cleaning tasks and working conditions. The ergonomic accessory package reduces work strain for stress-free and effortless cleaning.


The high pressure washer machine provides highly stable and powerful performance, and the fuel can be fully burned to achieve efficient conversion. 90% higher cleaning power than high pressure electric cleaners. It allows you to move completely freely, and the wire will not restrict your use. The 1 gallon/3.6L fuel tank capacity makes the gas powered pressure washer have a long lasting use time.

Equipped with 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and Low Pressure Detergent Nozzles

Red is used for sandblasting, yellow is used for peeling, green is used for cleaning, white is used for washing, and black is used for detergent. With BISON power pressure washer machine, you can clean almost anything.

Reduced downtime with an optimal service concept

Bison Service Solutions lets skilled technicians help keep maintenance costs low and extend the lifespan of your pressure washer and other Bison cleaning equipment. We know uptime is everything and are committed to ensuring that your pressure washer is ready to perform whenever you need it.

High cleaning performance and long lifespan

Bison offers robust petrol- and diesel-driven pressure washers for professional use. They are designed for a long lifespan with minimal maintenance and downtime, even under tough working conditions. All are powered by petrol- or diesel-run motors that offer high performance, durability, and serviceability.

Super Convenient Usability

High pressure power washer supplied by BISON can be used almost anywhere, with the function of supplying water from a faucet, bucket or pond. Includes a hose and filter system to prevent debris from entering and protect the engine. There are no environmental restrictions.

Strong Pressure

3000 PSI and 2.4 GPM powerful deep cleaning water pressure can quickly and easily remove dirt and grime on hard surfaces.

BISON - Diesel Pressure Washer Manufacturer in China

Who produces the leading diesel pressure washers?

Established in 2015, Taizhou BISON is a Chinese pressure washer manufacturer that combines design, manufacturing, wholesale, importing, and exporting services. Today, BISON is one of the fastest-growing global brand manufacturers of high-pressure washers and their accessories.

Our specialization lies in the creation of a wide array of pressure washer machines, including diesel-powered pressure washers, electric pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, cordless pressure washers, and more. Thanks to its unrivaled dependability, BISON is highly trusted by professionals and users worldwide.

BISON’s high-pressure jet cleaners consistently deliver thanks to our professional knowledge and use of high-quality, sturdy materials. With our extensive experience in manufacturing jet washers, strong technical R&D capabilities, advanced equipment, first-rate after-sales service, robust management system, and continuous innovation, we have developed a range of high-pressure water cleaners that deliver excellent performance, superior quality, and are reasonably priced. Our powerful jet pressure washers come complete with all necessary accessories, providing you with everything you need for any cleaning task.

Get in touch with BISON right away to submit a wholesale request. We will assist you in choosing the best diesel-powered pressure washer based on your requirements. Additionally, we provide pictures, PDFs, videos, and more to help grow your business.

Diesel Pressure Washer Buying Guide

How to choose a diesel pressure washer?

  1. Assess Your Cleaning Needs: Consider the types of surfaces and the level of grime or dirt you’ll be cleaning. Different cleaning tasks require different pressure and flow rates.
  2. Power and Pressure Ratings: Look for a diesel pressure washer with suitable power and pressure ratings for your specific cleaning tasks. Higher pressure and flow rates are essential for tougher cleaning jobs.

  3. Portability and Mobility: Determine if you need a portable or stationary unit. If you require mobility, consider models with durable wheels and handles for easy transportation.

  4. Engine and Pump Quality:

    Pay close attention to the quality and reliability of the diesel engine and pump. A high-quality engine and pump will provide consistent performance and require less maintenance.

  5. Fuel Efficiency:

    Consider the fuel efficiency of the diesel pressure washer. Look for models that offer optimal fuel consumption to minimize operating costs over time.

  6. Features and Accessories:

    Evaluate additional features and accessories such as nozzle types, hose length, detergent injection systems, and safety features. These can enhance the versatility and functionality of the pressure washer.

  7. Service and Support:

    Research the manufacturer’s reputation for after-sales service, warranty coverage, and availability of replacement parts. A reputable manufacturer can provide better support in case of maintenance or repair needs.

Diesel pressure washers  benefits and advantages

Powerful Cleaning: Diesel pressure washers are known for their high pressure and power, making them effective for cleaning tough dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces.

Portability:Many diesel pressure washers are designed to be portable, allowing them to be used in various locations without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

Durability: Diesel pressure washers are often built to withstand heavy-duty use, making them suitable for industrial and commercial applications.

No Electrical Dependency: Since diesel pressure washers are powered by diesel fuel, they can be used in areas where electricity may not be readily available.

Versatility: Diesel pressure washers can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks, including cleaning vehicles, equipment, building exteriors, and outdoor surfaces.

Longevity of Use: Diesel engines are known for their durability and longevity, which can translate into a longer lifespan for diesel pressure washers compared to their electric counterparts.

High Flow Rate: Diesel pressure washers often have a high water flow rate, allowing for efficient and thorough cleaning.

Suitable for Heavy-Duty Cleaning:Diesel pressure washers are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in industrial and agricultural settings, as well as for professional cleaning services.

Overall, diesel pressure washers are well-suited for demanding cleaning tasks and environments where reliability and power are essential. 

Diesel Pressure Washers Applications

Diesel pressure washers are versatile tools that find applications in a wide range of industries and cleaning tasks. Here are some common applications of diesel pressure washers:

Heavy Equipment Cleaning: Diesel pressure washers are commonly used for cleaning heavy machinery, construction equipment, and agricultural vehicles due to their high pressure and effectiveness in removing tough dirt and grime.

Industrial Cleaning: They are employed in industrial settings for cleaning manufacturing equipment, warehouse floors, and industrial facilities where heavy-duty cleaning is required.

Agricultural Use: Diesel pressure washers are useful for cleaning farm equipment, livestock housing, and agricultural facilities, where the power of diesel pressure washers is essential for maintaining clean and hygienic environments.

Construction Site Cleaning: Construction companies utilize diesel pressure washers to clean construction sites, equipment, and vehicles, as well as to remove hardened concrete, mud, and construction debris.

Marine and Maritime Applications: Diesel pressure washers are employed for cleaning boats, ships, docks, and marine equipment, where the presence of diesel fuel makes them suitable for use in waterfront environments.

Commercial and Residential Building Cleaning: They are used for cleaning building exteriors, sidewalks, parking lots, and other outdoor surfaces, especially in situations where access to electrical outlets may be limited.

Oil and Gas Industry: Diesel pressure washers find applications in the oil and gas industry for cleaning drilling equipment, oil rigs, and industrial machinery in remote locations where electrical power may not be readily available.


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