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Industry pressure washer or Industrial water pressure washers are used for tough and powerful professional pressure washing services. Commercial pressure washers are typically more powerful and rugged than residential household cleaners. Industrial high pressure cleaners have higher PSI and GPM for more effective cleaning of stubborn stains and debris, and larger water and fuel tanks to provide longer run times. 

Taizhou BISON Machinery CO,Ltd is one of the china best pressure washer manufacturers, supply high pressure cleaner accessories in China. BISON industrial offers a full range of industrial high pressure cleaners such as gasoline industrial pressure washers, diesel industrial high pressure cleaners, and electric industrial high pressure cleaners. All BISON customers will be provided with high quality high pressure washers as well as professional purchasing advice.

Contact BISON today to send a wholesale request. Whatsapp us, tell us what you want to clean and we will provide you with the best solution. In addition, we offer pictures, PDFs, videos and more to help you expand your commercial power washing business.

Gasoline Industrial Pressure Washer by BISON

Industry High Pressure Washer 800 x 800

350-500Bar Gasoline High Pressure Washer

Driven Type: Gasoline engine driven
Engine Output: 22 HP/ 680cc
Pump Model: AR Pump
Pressure: 350-500 bar
Flow Rate: 15-21 lpm
Warranty: 1 Year
Certification: CE, EURO V, EPA, UL

Diesel Heavy Duty High Pressure Washer by BISON

Industry High Pressure Washer 800 x 800 px 1

350-500Bar Industry Diesel High Pressure Washer

Driven Type: Diesel engine driven
Engine Output: 27 HP/ 836cc
Pump Model: AR Pump
Pressure: 350-500 bar
Flow Rate: 15-21 lpm
Warranty: 1 Year
Certification: CE, EURO V, EPA, UL

Industrial Electric High Pressure Washer by BISON

Industry High Pressure Washer 800 x 800 px 2

11-22kw Commercial Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer For Marine Sands Blasting Construction Cleaning

Driven Type: Electric Ac Motor
Motor Power: 11-22KW
Pump Model: AR Pump
Pressure: 300-500 bar
Flow Rate: 18-22 lpm
Warranty: 1 Year
Certification: CE, EURO V, EPA, UL

Industrial Pressure Cleaners Buying Guide

At BISON–China Pressure Washer Manufacturer, we understand the importance of industrial pressure washers in assiting pressure washing business in sanitizing machinery parts, tools, equipment, building surfaces, and much more. With various types available on the market, choosing the right pressure washer for your specific project can be a challenge. China Bison, leading pressure washers manufacturer will provide insight into the application of industrial pressure washers and help you determine the best type suited for your unique cleaning needs.

Components of an Industry High-Pressure Washer

pressure washer component 1

  1. Engine or Motor: The heart of the high-pressure washer, the engine or motor, provides the power necessary to drive the machine. China Bison, as a renowned pressure washer company, incorporates robust engines or motors in their washers, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.
  2. Pump System: The pump system is responsible for generating high-pressure water flow. China Bison’s high-pressure washers feature durable pumps, precision-engineered to deliver consistent and powerful pressure. These pumps, along with meticulously designed valves and seals, guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

  3. High-Pressure Hose and Wand: China Bison’s pressure washers are equipped with high-pressure hoses and wands that effectively transport water from the pump to the cleaning surface. These components, manufactured with top-quality materials, ensure durability and withstand high-pressure operation.

  4. Nozzles and Tips: As a leading pressure washer company, China Bison provides a range of interchangeable nozzles and tips to optimize cleaning performance. These precision-engineered nozzles allow users to adjust the spray pattern and pressure intensity, offering versatility for various applications.

Choosing the Right Industrial Pressure Washer

Before you settle on a pressure washer, you’ll need to consider your application to find one that matches the type of cleaning that your project requires. Determine if you are planning to:

Remove general dirt, scale, and deposits: For cleaning surfaces like floors, walls, decking, or sidewalks of general dirt debris that does not contain oil and grease, a cold water pressure washer can handle the job efficiently. Determine the size of the area you will be cleaning and the time in which you’ll need to finish the job to select a pressure washer of the correct size, gallons-per-minute (GPM) flow rate, and pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) pressure capacities.

Remove grime: To get rid of grime, or dirt mixed up with oil and grease, then a hot water pressure washer model is ideal. The appropriate size and GPM and PSI ratings will largely depend once again on the amount of time you have to complete the cleaning, as well as the complexity of the job itself, as larger equipment better handles difficult cleans.

Sanitize surfaces: Hot water pressure washers or steam models utilizing hot water and vapor are suitable for sanitation-related cleaning and removing bacteria and viruses. Steam systems often improve overall cleaning speed for higher levels of efficiency.

Pressure washers also come in compact, highly mobile configurations as well as stationary models. As the right pressure washer is one that fits your specific application, if you are still unsure of which type or size you need, it is best to reach out to professionals to select the ideal washing system.

Industrial Pressure Washers From China Bison Pressure Washer Manufacturer
China Bison Pressure Washer Manufacturer is a leader in developing cutting-edge techniques in pressure cleaning. Our success stems from our consistency in providing superior, durable industrial pressure washers and unparalleled customer support and service. Our collection of industrial pressure washers is available in numerous power and fuel options for washer types including:

Cold water industry pressure washers, Hot water industry presssure washers

We also provide custom pressure washers to fit any application if you can’t find a standard model that suits your needs. To best serve our customers, China Bison Pressure Washer Manufacturer maintains a network of local locations for services near you.

In addition to producing high quality equipment backed by years of experience, the Chinese manufacturer of Bison high-pressure cleaners also puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, which is why we have customers in 54 countries around the world. We design solutions that meet both our quality standards and the expectations and specifications of our customers.

If you still have questions about which pressure washer from our product catalog would be best for your specific application, or if you’re interested in our consulting and custom design services, contact us today and our dedicated team will be happy to help

Industry High Pressure Washer Application

1. Sports field

For safety reasons, hard sports fields-especially tennis and basketball courts-are cleaned with surface cleaners driven by bulky industrial electric washing machines. This work requires a large area of surface cleaner to complete in time.

2. Building

Building exterior walls (walls and ceilings) are probably the most common working area of commercial pressure cleaners. Such as the graffiti above.

3. Industrial facilities

For example, heavy equipment on the farm or job site, construction and heavy duty machinery and equipment.

4. large flat areas

For example, parking lots, shopping mall parking lots, pedestrian areas and other areas around facilities. Very common work mobile electric washing machine will see.

5. Boat and vessels

Remove stubborn stains or patches of rust, or to strip paint.

6. Restaurant equipment

The cooker hood in the restaurant kitchen is an annoying thing. They can be difficult to clean and will eventually become very dirty.

7. Surrounding the building

Look at how dirty the entrance to the office building is in the picture. Crazy negligence. Dirty areas like this are dangerous and become slippery when wet.

8. City sidewalk

Urban sidewalks with heavy traffic are popular uses for high-power washing machines, and dumpsters and surrounding areas, too.

In addition to cleaning parts for maintenance, industrial washers can clean manufactured products before packaging and shipment. Manufacturing plants use these washers to clean goods made of rubber, fabricated metal, and plastic. Pressure washing systems also have varied production applications for industrial sectors like food processing, where there’s a constant need to clean and sanitize all tools, equipment, and conveyors with food contact-related tasks. To best achieve versatile uses, industrial pressure washers are available in more than one type.

Advantages And Features of Industrial High Pressure Washer

Compact Design And Better Performance

Industrial high pressure washers are compact design and easy-to-use control devices, installed in durable glass fiber or stainless steel covers, and installed on the stove’s painted wear-resistant chassis and solid tire frame. This includes self-priming pumps with heavy-duty fiber seals, brass cylinder heads and components. Wear-resistant nylon valve and stainless steel seat provide various pressure, flow and performance options.

Better And Durable Accessories

Commercial pressure washers have better engines, better pumps, and better components everywhere. They avoid using plastic. They are equipped with high-grade hoses, stainless steel spray guns and brass connectors.

Heavy Duty Grade Brass Forged Triplex Pump

Direct Drive, Built With Detergent Injector, Thermal Protection, Safety Pressure Relief And Pressure Gauge.

Solid Plastic Tires

Wear and Shock resistant, easy to move, secured with anti-loos nuts. The wheels do not need to be removed when packing and transporting.

5000PSI Hot Water Dual Lance High Pressure Gun Assembly

Hot water grade heavy-duty trigger valve gun, with brass valve and stainless steel connection tube, PA reinforced housing and safety lock. Brass High-low switch valve with handle for quick changeover and better holding, 20 inch insulated stainless steel dual lance.

Steel Braided High Pressure Hose

Hot water resistant, heavy-duty steel wire braided, cover with NON-MARKING rubberized fabric. Bursting pressure 4: 1 of rated working pressure. 3/8”QD fitting. Length available for 10m, 15m, 20m.

China Bison, a trusted pressure washer company, manufactures industry high-pressure washers that incorporate key components and advanced mechanisms to deliver powerful cleaning performance. By understanding the functionality of these machines, users can maximize their efficiency and achieve exceptional cleaning results. As a leading pressure washer manufacturer, China Bison remains committed to producing top-quality machines that meet the diverse needs of customers in various industries.

All BISON industrial water power washer are functionally tested in the factory; comply with CE, EURO V, CARB, EPA certification; backed by a 1-year limited service.


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