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11-22kw Commercial Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer


11-22kw Commercial Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer Details

Bison 11-22kw Commercial Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer – The powerhouse of industrial grade cleaning solutions. Engineered for maximum performance, this rugged pressure washer is designed to tackle the toughest stains and grime with ease.

This high-pressure cleaner is equipped with a powerful 11-22kw motor that supplies continuous high-pressure cold water flow, making it the best choice for a variety of commercial cleaning applications. Whether it’s deep driveway cleaning or outdoor site restoration, it’s the efficient solution for a multi-purpose tool.
The cleaning machine is equipped with advanced pressure adjustment technology, which can adjust the pressure output to adapt to the cleaning needs of different surfaces. This ensures a comprehensive cleaning effect while protecting sensitive materials from damage.

This pressure washer is built with durable and high-quality materials for heavy-duty use. Its rugged construction ensures long service life and reliable performance, even in harsh industrial environments.

This pressure washer has a user-friendly operation panel and ergonomic handle, making it comfortable and easy to use. The user-friendly design makes it easy for professionals and novices alike to achieve great results.

Our pressure washers are equipped with safety features such as thermal overload protection and pressure relief valves to give you peace of mind during extended use.
This pressure washer is designed with convenience in mind and requires minimal maintenance. It’s designed to provide reliability so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about ongoing maintenance.

Whether it’s an automotive factory or a construction site, and any cleaning needs therein, the 11-22kw commercial cold water electric pressure washer is the first choice for uncompromising corporate cleaning performance.

Invest in clean power you can trust. Choose the Bison 11-22kw commercial cold water electric pressure washer to improve your cleaning capabilities!

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10*200mAh LI-ION Battery
Charging Time
Working Time
Rated Pressure
Rated Flow Rate
Inner Box Size
Inner Box Weight
585*385*285MM (5pcs)
12KG (5pcs)


Commercial Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer Applications

Certainly! The BISON 11-22kw commercial cold water electric pressure washer is a versatile tool suitable for use in a variety of industries and environments. The following are some main application scenarios:

Car Wash: High-pressure water flow can effectively clean dirt, grime and road debris from vehicles, providing a thorough and effective cleaning effect.

Roof Cleaning: Safely and efficiently clean your roof to remove moss, algae and dirt buildup, extending the life of your roofing materials.

Seat Cleaning: Carefully clean the interior of your car, including the seats, to ensure a completely hygienic and non-destructive cleaning.

Watering plants: With its adjustable pressure mechanism, it’s ideal for gently watering plants and flowers, providing a controlled and efficient watering solution.

Window Cleaning: High-pressure spray easily cleans windows, removing dirt, dust and stains to create a streak-free, bright surface.

Floor Cleaning: Ideal for cleaning driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces to remove tough stains and leave them looking new and full of life.

The BISON 11-22kw commercial cold water electric pressure washer has been carefully designed to perform well in these application scenarios, demonstrating its adaptability and efficiency. Whether tackling large-scale tasks or delicate cleaning jobs, this pressure washer is designed to deliver excellent results, making it an indispensable asset to every industry and business.




BISON Pressure Washer Frequently Asked Questions

To properly store your pressure washer, you must first drain the gas from its motor and run it dry. The pump should have antifreeze run through it, and left inside the pump. This will protect the pump from freezing as well as protect the pump internally from corrosion caused by the water. In addition, it lubricated and protects the seals from drying out, making it ready to use at a moment’s notice. Disconnect all the hoses from the machine, empty them of liquids, and wipe them down. Store your pressure washer in a cool, dry space.

Refer to your User Manual for instructions on which oil to use for which part of your pressure washer. Most pumps use a 30W non-detergent oil.

There are many possible explanations for why your pressure washer isn’t reaching full pressure. Your packings could be worn down, causing your pump to be less effective and have less of a seal around its openings. Your inlet water valve could be clogged, or the filter could be plugged, and not enough water could be getting into the machine. There could be a kink in the hose. Etc. Contact our exceptional customer service team with other possible questions about why your pressure washer isn’t reaching full pressure.

1. Always disconnect your spray wand from the gun before cleaning your nozzles!
2. Clear the nozzle with a small rigid piece of wire such as a paper clip.
3. Flush the nozzle backwards with water.
4. Reconnect the wand to the gun
5. Restart the pressure washer and depress the trigger on the spray gun.
If the nozzle is still plugged or partially plugged, repeat number 1-4.

If the previous procedure does not clear the nozzle, replace with a new nozzle.

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