Pressure Washer Water Brooms

Pressure Washer Water Brooms

BISON Supplier offer 12/16/36inch water broom for daily cleaning usage.

Bison Machinery is one of the leading manufacture of pressure washer, sewer /drain jetting machine, high pressure pump and functional pressure washer accessories, with CE, Rohs, Euro5 certificated and patents more than 30. All metal parts are processed by precision processing equipment, and each one will be 100% inspected before leaving the factory.

Contact BISON immediately to send a wholesale request. We will help you choose the best power washer water broom according to your needs. In addition, we also provide pictures, PDFs, videos, etc. to help you expand your business.

Standard Water Broom by BISON

Water Broom 800 x 800

5 Hole Driveway Pressure Washer Scrubber Attachment

Length: 12 inch
Type: Driveway Cleaning
Max Pressure: 4000PSI /275bar
Max Temperature: 90°C/194°F
Inlet: 1/4 QD plug

Mod: WB-12

Water Broom 800 x 800 px 1

Surface Pressure Washer For Car Cleaning

Length: 12 inch
Type: Undercarriage Washer
Max Pressure: 4000PSI /275bar
Max Temperature: 90°C/194°F
Inlet: 1/4 QD plug

Mod: WB-12U

Water Broom 800 x 800 px 2

24 inch Power Rotary Driveway Surface Scrubber Cleaner for High Pressure Washer

Length: 24 inch
Type: Driveway Cleaning
Max Pressure: 4000PSI /275bar
Max Temperature: 90°C/194°F
Inlet: 1/4 QD plug

Mod: WB-24

Water Broom 800 x 800 px 3

Rotary Surface Undercarriage Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Length: 16 inch
Type: Undercarriage Washer
Max Pressure: 4000PSI /275bar
Max Temperature: 90°C/194°F
Inlet: 1/4 QD plug

Mod: WB-16W

Standard Water Broom Kit by BISON

Water Broom 800 x 800 px 4

Power Gas Concrete Pressure Washer Surface Attachment with Floor Scrubber

Mod: WBK-12

Water Broom 800 x 800 px 5

4000 psi Pressure Washer Flat Surface Cleaner

Mod: WBK-12U

Water Broom 800 x 800 px 6

Underbody Car Wash Water Broom with 3 Pieces Extension Wand, 4000 PSI

Mod: WBK-16W

Pressure Washer Water Brooms Choose Guide

What is a pressure washer broom?

pressure washer broom

A water boom is an accessory you can add to any pressure washer. A water broom allows you to clean a large area with a spray bar and casters with nozzles. It would help if you had a pressure washer that ideally

puts out 1000 to 4000 psi and 3 to 4 gpm. The water broom comes with a quarter-inch quick disconnect plug and three or four fixed spray nozzles, depending on the model selected. The water broom is ideal for

cleaning concrete, black tops, decks, patios & pool areas. If you have hard surfaces requiring frequent cleaning, this is the ultimate cleaning tool to help remove dirt, grime, and debris quickly.

Water brooms are beautiful tools that make cleaning large surfaces quick and easy. They got their name because they are simple to use and function similarly to pushing a broom.

They are compatible with any common pressure washer wand. They can offer custom operation features, such as height-adjustable wheels, interchangeable nozzles, and quick connectors to attach to your pressure washing system. 

Water brooms are perfect for any pressure washer setup and cleaning task involving large, flat surfaces because they are incredibly simple to set up and operate.

Advantages of pressure washer water broom

best pressure washer broom

The water broom is almost effortless because there is no need to carry a pressure washer wand; it rests on the ground on the power broom’s sturdy wheels, reducing stress and fatigue. Simply roll along the driveway, sidewalk or deck to remove debris, grease, grime and stains in one pass.

Plus, because you can clean large surfaces faster, you’ll spend less time overall cleaning while getting an efficient cleaning every time. Some models offer two, three, or some even offer five nozzles for more coverage over 24 inches or more expansive areas.

Most water brooms have adjustable wheels that can be moved closer or further away from the water to help control the pressure and spread of the jets. Many also come with a rear flap designed to allow water to flow only forward, maintaining overspray and keeping feet dry while cleaning.

How to use a water broom?

How to pick the pressure washer broom

What you will love most about pressure washer brooms is that they increase in use as you get more creative. Again, the water broom moves like a broom on wheels.

To remove lines or “striping” on the ground, a basic guideline is to clean in straight lines the entire length of the surface you’re cleaning, overlapping each pass by roughly 25%. 

Cleaning garages and driveways

The rubber flap on most water brooms keeps water from splashing behind the sweeper, which makes cleaning small areas like garage floors simpler.

Cleaning your driveway is as easy as that. Start cleaning at the top of the driveway, and direct the water to the nearest drain as you work your way down.

The vast area of coverage you’ll get means you’ll clean the average driveway much faster than using your surface cleaner or a turbo nozzle. In addition, water brooms also make removing stains from concrete driveways an easy task.

Sidewalk and patio cleaning

Usually, what we see is that people have so much fun cleaning their driveways; they keep walking in the streets and on the sidewalks.

Cleaning sidewalks is another everyday use for water sweepers, mainly because the large wheels can traverse grass on either side without stopping or adjusting, giving you a perfect line every time.

Patios are another ideal location for water brooms, as stones, bricks, or other materials can be placed separately with space in between. Water broom cleaning makes these surfaces more accessible and efficient without digging into creases and blowing dirt between each block.

Undercarriage car cleaning water sweeper

On decks and other composite wood surfaces, a regular pressure washer spray pattern can result in uneven spray marks and chipping. This issue is resolved by water brooms, which sweep in a broad, straight path with equal pressure and distance. On a typical deck, you can cut two boards per pass if your pressure is adjusted properly, leaving uneven marks or chipped boards.

Docks, whether stainless steel or wood, get dirty over time in freshwater and saltwater locations, and water sweeps quickly restore walkways to like-new condition.

Cleaning cars and under cars

A water broom undercarriage cleaner is a variation of a water broom in which the spray jets are directed upwards instead of pointing toward the ground. This is extremely helpful in wet weather when dirt and grime collect under the vehicle where regular pressure washers cannot reach. You can professionally clean your vehicle’s underbody in your driveway using this type of water broom.

Four-wheelers, all-terrain vehicles, boats, and lift tractors can be professionally cleaned with an underbody pressure washer.

For more versatility when cleaning up and down various surfaces, some water brooms have dual-directional nozzles.

Water Broom Applications

pressure washer brooms
  • Cleaning Under Vehicles and Cars

 Water broom undercarriage cleaners are a variation of water brooms that can be used to clean the undercarriage of vehicles. They are helpful during wet seasons when dirt and grime can build up under vehicles. Some water brooms can direct the nozzles in both directions, making them more versatile.

  • Cleaning Decks and Docks

Regular pressure washers can damage decks and docks by chipping the wood or leaving uneven spray marks. Water brooms, on the other hand, clean in a wide, straight path at equal pressure and distance. This makes them much safer to use on these surfaces, and they also produce better results.

  • Cleaning Sidewalks and Patios

They are easy to use and can quickly and easily remove dirt, grime, and debris. The larger wheels on water brooms make them ideal for cleaning sidewalks, as they can traverse the grass on either side without stopping or readjusting. The even cleaning of a water broom makes it simple and efficient to clean patios, as it can clean the surface without digging into the creases and blowing out the dirt between each block.

  • Cleaning Garages and Driveways

They are great way to clean your driveway quickly and easily. It has a wide area of coverage and a rubber flap that prevents water from spraying behind you, making it ideal for enclosed spaces.Simply attach it to your pressure washer and turn on the water. Start at the top of the driveway and work your way down, directing the water down toward the nearest drain. The broad area of coverage will allow you to clean your driveway much faster than using just a surface cleaner or turbo nozzle.

Tips to choose the perfect pressure washer broom

Consider the size of the broom

Pressure washer brooms come in different widths. A wider broom covers more area, making it ideal for larger surfaces such as driveways. Conversely, a narrow broom provides more concentrated cleaning power and is better for smaller areas.

Check the nozzle configuration

The nozzle configuration on a pressure washer broom affects the cleaning pattern and intensity. Some brooms have fixed nozzles, while others offer adjustable nozzles for different cleaning needs. Consider what type of surfaces you will be cleaning and choose accordingly.

Ease of use

A good pressure washer broom should be easy to use and ergonomic. Look for a broom with an adjustable handle to accommodate different heights and reduce strain during prolonged use. Also, consider the weight of the broom, as using a heavy broom can be more tiring.

Price and warranty

Finally, consider the price and warranty offered. Pressure washers can vary significantly in price. While it’s tempting to go for a cheaper option, a more expensive broom may offer better durability and cleaning performance. Also, check if the broom has a warranty, which can provide peace of mind and protect your investment.

pressure washer broom FAQs

There must be enough water flowing through your pressure washer and into the attachment for the water jet to operate as intended. GPM (gallons per minute) and psi (pounds per square inch) ratings are commonly recommended for water jets, which makes it simple to match the water jet to a pressure washer you already own.


Because your pressure washer's water pressure and flow will be split among each nozzle on the water jet, GPM requirements are crucial. If insufficient GPM exists, your water heater will begin to leak and not work correctly.

Attachments for pressure and power washers that are optional include water brooms and surface cleaners. They both attach to the spray gun of a pressure washer or power washer using a snap coupler, also known as a quick-connect adapter.

This allows a water broom or surface cleaner to run through a pressure washer or power washer, making it more powerful than running through a garden hose.

You'll spend less time cleaning with the water squeegee attached to the pressure washer wand than with the wand alone because it increases efficiency.

Almost any pressure washer with a standard connection, like a 1/4" male snap coupler, can be connected to a water broom. However, some brands make different rod sizes, so knowing the compatibility limits is essential. Read the product description for details, or make sure a connector is available to connect the water jet to your pressure washer.

Similar to a floor buffer, the surface cleaner uses several fast-rotating spray tips to clean in a circular motion while shielding the area from water splashing out while in use. Because of this, surface cleaners can only clean in a circular pattern and produce almost no overspray, which makes cleaning straight lines or edges more difficult than with a water broom.


A unique advantage of water brooms is that they can be used on uneven surfaces. Unlike surface cleaners with flat bars that spin, water brooms run on wheels to clean uneven surfaces without technically damaging them, although you won't get as good results with as many flat, clean surfaces as possible.

Most people who inquire about cleaning windows or roofs mistake the broom of a power washer for a brush that shoots water or soap, similar to what you would find at a car wash.


However, there are times when people try to clean a metal roof utilizing a water broom. While metal roofs are more resilient and unlikely to be damaged, we do not advise installing one over windows or ceilings due to potential danger. Excessive pressure can also shatter windows and destroy shingles.


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