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350-500Bar Industry Diesel High Pressure Washer


350-500Bar Industry Diesel High Pressure Washer Details

BISON industrial diesel high-pressure cleaner, with unparalleled power of 350 to 500 bar, brings you an excellent cleaning experience. Designed for the most demanding tasks, this industrial pressure washer has an impressive cleaning range that can tackle the toughest dirt and grime with ease.

The power source is capable of delivering an adjustable pressure range from 350 to 500 bar, catering for a wide range of cleaning applications from delicate surfaces to heavy-duty industrial tasks. The industrial-grade diesel engine ensures optimal performance, durability and longer runtime and meets the stringent requirements of professional cleaning tasks.

Made with precision engineering and premium materials, this pressure washer is designed for heavy-duty use. Its rugged construction guarantees reliability and longevity even in the most challenging environments. Whether you’re in construction, agriculture, automotive or any industry that requires high-pressure cleaning, it’s the go-to solution for effortlessly handling equipment, machinery, vehicles and more.

The cleaning machine is equipped with advanced safety features to operate efficiently and safely. At the same time, it is designed with user protection and machine longevity in mind, and is engineered for user-friendly maintenance that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

Despite its industrial advantages, this washing machine is designed for easy transport and maneuverability. Its compact design and sturdy wheels make it suitable for a variety of job sites.

Upgrade your cleaning operations with an industrial diesel pressure washer that keeps everything from construction sites to factories, farms to automotive workshops spotless. In this age of investing in unparalleled power and performance, Require a quote about BISON industrial diesel pressure washer today!

Driven TypeDiesel engine drivenDiesel engine driven
Pump ModelAR PumpAR Pump
Engine Output27 HP / 836cc27 HP / 836cc
Flow Rate
21LPM / 5.5GPM15LPM / 4.0GPM
Working Pressure
350Bar / 5000PSI500Bar / 7250PSI
Start SystemElectric Start With BatteryElectric Start With Battery
Warranty1 Year1 Year
CertificationCE, EURO V, EPA, ULCE, EURO V, EPA, UL



BISON Pressure Washer Frequently Asked Questions

To properly store your pressure washer, you must first drain the gas from its motor and run it dry. The pump should have antifreeze run through it, and left inside the pump. This will protect the pump from freezing as well as protect the pump internally from corrosion caused by the water. In addition, it lubricated and protects the seals from drying out, making it ready to use at a moment’s notice. Disconnect all the hoses from the machine, empty them of liquids, and wipe them down. Store your pressure washer in a cool, dry space.

Refer to your User Manual for instructions on which oil to use for which part of your pressure washer. Most pumps use a 30W non-detergent oil.

There are many possible explanations for why your pressure washer isn’t reaching full pressure. Your packings could be worn down, causing your pump to be less effective and have less of a seal around its openings. Your inlet water valve could be clogged, or the filter could be plugged, and not enough water could be getting into the machine. There could be a kink in the hose. Etc. Contact our exceptional customer service team with other possible questions about why your pressure washer isn’t reaching full pressure.

1. Always disconnect your spray wand from the gun before cleaning your nozzles!
2. Clear the nozzle with a small rigid piece of wire such as a paper clip.
3. Flush the nozzle backwards with water.
4. Reconnect the wand to the gun
5. Restart the pressure washer and depress the trigger on the spray gun.
If the nozzle is still plugged or partially plugged, repeat number 1-4.

If the previous procedure does not clear the nozzle, replace with a new nozzle.

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