How to Choose The Perfect Surface Cleaner?


Hello, I am Santy, the funder of I have been in cleaning machinery field for more than 5 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to pressure washer from a Chinese supplier's perspective.

As a leading pressure washer  manufacturer, BISON is committed to delivering the best pressure washers and pressure washer accessories and services to our customers. Today, we’re going to explore one of the most efficient tools in our lineup – the Surface Cleaner.

What is a Surface Cleaner?

A surface cleaner is a tool commonly used for pressure cleaning. Its main function is to clean large flat surfaces efficiently and evenly. The cleaner mainly consists of a disc housing with a solid skirt and two or more high-speed rotating nozzles. These nozzles are mounted on a rotating rod, so that the cleaner can rotate under the forced action of water passing through, thereby achieving an even distribution of the cleaning effect.

Surface cleaners are primarily used for cleaning large flat surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, parking lots, and more. Used with a cold or hot water pressure washer, this cleaner is known for its powerful cleaning capabilities that are efficient and even.

As an accessory to a high-pressure cleaner, the surface cleaner is shaped like a disc with a rotating rod and a high-pressure cleaning nozzle. Use high-pressure water to clean large surfaces in a controlled manner. This cleaner uses a rotating nozzle to ensure that the cleaning power is evenly distributed and avoids the “zebra stripe” effect caused by traditional pressure washing methods.

Some surface cleaners feature multiple rotating wands and nozzles designed to increase cleaning efficiency and coverage. Whether for commercial use or at home, this efficient cleaner will be your indispensable cleaning tool for professional-grade cleaning results.

How do surface cleaners work?

How To Choose Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

The surface cleaner is a pressure washer attachment that attaches directly to the wand and sprays water evenly through the base without leaving streaks. As the rotating arm rotates rapidly around the enclosed disc, the small nozzle at the head of the rotating arm creates a smooth, even cleaning path, making cleaning faster than using a pressure washer alone.

A surface cleaner is a product often used in conjunction with a pressure washer and is designed to clean large, flat areas faster and more efficiently than a standard cleaning nozzle.

Using a surface cleaner is very easy. First, connect it to a pressure washer, such as the  surface cleaners supplier–Taizhou BISON Machinery Co., Ltd. Pressure washers produce high-pressure water flow directly into the surface cleaner.

Inside the surface cleaner, high-pressure water is distributed to two or more nozzles, which are mounted on rotating rods underneath the cleaner. When water is forced through these nozzles, it causes the rod to rotate at high speeds. While rotating, the nozzle generates powerful water pressure, creating a consistent circular cleaning pattern that cleans large surfaces quickly and evenly. High-pressure water washes away dirt, grime, and other debris from the surface being cleaned.

The surface cleaner’s design also helps contain debris and prevent it from being sprayed everywhere. It does this with the help of a skirt or cover that surrounds the rotating rod, keeping water and loose debris underneath. This design makes the cleaning process very neat.

Surface cleaners can also be used on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, wood, etc. They are perfect for cleaning large, flat areas such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and more. Because surface cleaners are so easy to use, you save time and energy while cleaning more effectively.

Remember, when using surface cleaners or any high-pressure equipment, it is important to follow safety guidelines to prevent personal injury or property damage. Always wear protective clothing and goggles, and keep spray away from people, pets, and delicate objects. Safety first!

When is the best time to use a surface cleaner?

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Surface cleaners are great for large, flat areas that need cleaning that are relatively hard, such as decks, concrete, and asphalt. By using a wand with two nozzles, they spread out the cleaning area, allowing you to clean large areas with greater speed and efficiency than traditional power washer tips. Additionally, the wider coverage area tends to result in less streaking and more consistent cleaning across the surface, resulting in an even level of cleaning across the surface.

What size pressure washer surface cleaner do I need?

Many people think that the larger the size of a pressure washer surface cleaner, the better it will clean. I thought so too at first. But soon I knew how wrong it was! You should never choose a 36 inch surface cleaner for a 3GPM cleaning machine.

A tiny motor can’t spin such a huge deck fast enough. Also, if you try to clean with such a large deck, your movement while cleaning will be limited. While it’s true that smaller pressure washer surface cleaners won’t be able to clean large areas at once, you can move faster while using it. Faster action makes for easier cleaning in less time.

Below is a chart that you can follow to choose a surface cleaner size based on your cleaner’s GPM:

Surface Cleaner Size (inches) Recommended Gross Margin Minimum Gross Margin
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What should I consider when choosing a surface cleaner?

There are 3 main things to know when choosing a surface cleaner. The first is the width of the surface cleaner; this will be the cleaning area the surface cleaner will complete on each pass. The wider the surface cleaner, the greater the volume of water required to run the nozzles effectively, but the faster the area will be cleaned. The chart below shows the typical gallons per minute required for different surface cleaner diameters.

The second is the pressure rating of the pressure washer. Surface cleaners vary in maximum pressure rating, but are usually rated at least 4000 or 5000 PSI. Typically surface cleaners also require a minimum pressure to run; for most surface cleaners this is 2000 PSI, but ideally you will have 3000 Psi to run the surface cleaner with ease.
The third is the number of nozzles. Most surface cleaners smaller than 24″ only have 2 nozzles. However, surface cleaners 24 inches or larger can have 2 to 4 nozzles. Assuming you have enough GPM to support the nozzles, the more nozzles you have, the faster you can clean the surface.  

How do I connect a surface cleaner to a pressure washer?

The steps to connect and use a pressure washer surface cleaner are:

Start by removing any debris on the surface that might interfere with the cleaning process. If you have used a surface cleaner before, make sure it is also clean and free of dirt from previous cleaning.

Once you’re done cleaning, you can connect the surface cleaner to your pressure washer. You can see that there is a connection space in the lower part of the pressure washer. If you can’t find the mounting angle, check your machine’s owner’s manual.

Fix surface cleaners to designated accessories. Before using your pressure washer, check all connections properly. Improperly installed surface cleaners can cause accidents while cleaning.

Now, release the safety latch and pull the trigger gun to start the pressure washer.

The surface cleaner comes with a spray bar that will start to rotate and create enough pressure to help the surface cleaner glide smoothly across the floor.

Make sure you don’t leave the surface cleaner in place for an extended period of time. Move it as much as possible for more effective cleaning.

Why Choose BISON Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

1. Prevents damage: A pressure washer surface cleaner prevents surface damage because it uses high-pressure water instead of harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing to remove dirt and debris from surfaces. This means your surfaces won’t be damaged by aggressive cleaning methods.

2. Save money: Using a pressure washer surface cleaner can save you money in the long run because it requires less maintenance than traditional cleaning methods and does not use expensive cleaners and chemicals. This makes it more cost-effective than other cleaning methods.

3. Save energy and time: Pressure washers are highly efficient at cleaning large areas quickly and easily. This means you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing with traditional methods that require manual labor, which makes them even more convenient.

4. Cleaner Safe: Pressure washing with surface cleaners is much safer than using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing tools because it eliminates the risk of damaging surfaces or injury when cleaning by hand. It also eliminates the need for ladders or elevated platforms when cleaning hard-to-reach areas like eaves or the second floor of a building, making it safer overall.

5. Enhances your exterior appeal: A neat exterior will enhance the exterior appeal of your home or business, making it more attractive to potential buyers or customers, increasing its value in the process. Pressure washer surface cleaners ensure your property always looks its best no matter the job or size!

6. Improves the value of your home: A good-looking property can increase its value significantly over time, so if you decide to sell your home, investing in a pressure washer surface cleaner now may pay off later!

7. Renovating surfaces: Pressure washing with a surface cleaner to remove dirt and grime from various surfaces prepares the refurbished area for painting, staining, sealing, etc. This helps ensure that the Get better results in less time!

8. Eco-friendly: Since a pressure washer does not require any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, it is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean outdoor surfaces, leaving no toxic residue that could harm nearby vegetation or wildlife habitat or Emissions!

9. Avoid Damage to Surfaces: Pressure washing provides a gentle yet effective deep clean without causing any damage to delicate surfaces like brickwork, stone pavers, wood decks, so you can be confident in maintaining their original beauty!

10. Avoid injuring yourself: Even if you use protective gear when scrubbing by hand with brushes or abrasive pads, there is still a risk of injury from slips and falls on wet floors, which is why using a pressure washer surface cleaner is always Much safer because there is no need to worry about getting hurt during cleanup!

Whether you want to save time and energy while keeping your property looking great, or prepare for a construction project while avoiding injury, pressure washer surface cleaners have many advantages over traditional cleaning methods and are worth considering as an investment for homeowners and businesses alike! Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will keep your property looking its best without any extra effort on your part – so if you haven’t already, be sure to give it a try now!


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