max 2600PSI 6.5HP petrol jet washer

170A 180A is extremely powerful unit. 6.5HP engine is at the root of that power and provides a potent 2600psi.
Continuous/Max Bar154/170164/180
Continuous/Max PSI2200/25002400/2600
Type168F-1 6.5HP170F 7.0HP
Pump TypeBS-P170 Aluminum PumpBS-P180 Brass Pump
Nozzle5 nozzles5 nozzles
High Pressure Hose Length8M8M
Inlet Hose2.0M2.0M
Gross Weight31.5kg32.5kg

Max 2600PSI 6.5HP Petrol Jet Washer Details

BISON Max 2600PSI 6.5HP petrol jet washer unleashes precision cleaning with incredible power, specifically targeting the toughest dirt, grime and stains.

The powerful 6.5HP engine of this high-performance pressure washer guarantees no mess and provides maximum cleaning. With an amazing 2600PSI pressure, this machine can easily remove accumulated dirt from driveways, decks, vehicles, etc., so you can say goodbye to stubborn stains and say goodbye to sparkling cleanliness.

BISON Max 2600PSI jet cleaner is not only suitable for homeowners, but also for professional cleaners and business owners, designed to meet your diverse needs. Whether it’s a delicate surface or a heavy-duty job, this is the tool you should choose to get a pristine finish.

This jet washer is built with top-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Carefully designed for durability, it is a reliable companion in your future cleaning arsenal.

BISON jet cleaners feature intuitive controls and are ergonomically designed for user convenience. Its thoughtful design also makes maintenance easier, minimizing downtime.

This jet cleaner is compact and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you need to clean any dirt, whether it’s a remote work area or elsewhere around your property, BISON’s cleaning machines are ready.

Safety is very important to BISON Max 2600PSI jet cleaning machine, which is equipped with guards to protect both the user and the machine. You can use this reliable and secure tool with peace of mind.

Using the Max 2600PSI 6.5HP Gasoline Injection Washer will enhance your cleaning capabilities. Whether for professional use or maintaining your own space, this powerful tool can redefine the meaning of cleaning.

You can customize any details such as weight, dimensions, and other specifications to best match your actual needs. REQUIRE A QUOTE NOW.

product parameters


Owners Manual
Owners Manual

BISON Pressure Washer Frequently Asked Questions

To properly store your pressure washer, you must first drain the gas from its motor and run it dry. The pump should have antifreeze run through it, and left inside the pump. This will protect the pump from freezing as well as protect the pump internally from corrosion caused by the water. In addition, it lubricated and protects the seals from drying out, making it ready to use at a moment’s notice. Disconnect all the hoses from the machine, empty them of liquids, and wipe them down. Store your pressure washer in a cool, dry space.

Refer to your User Manual for instructions on which oil to use for which part of your pressure washer. Most pumps use a 30W non-detergent oil.

There are many possible explanations for why your pressure washer isn’t reaching full pressure. Your packings could be worn down, causing your pump to be less effective and have less of a seal around its openings. Your inlet water valve could be clogged, or the filter could be plugged, and not enough water could be getting into the machine. There could be a kink in the hose. Etc. Contact our exceptional customer service team with other possible questions about why your pressure washer isn’t reaching full pressure.

1. Always disconnect your spray wand from the gun before cleaning your nozzles!
2. Clear the nozzle with a small rigid piece of wire such as a paper clip.
3. Flush the nozzle backwards with water.
4. Reconnect the wand to the gun
5. Restart the pressure washer and depress the trigger on the spray gun.
If the nozzle is still plugged or partially plugged, repeat number 1-4.

If the previous procedure does not clear the nozzle, replace with a new nozzle.

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