What Everyone Ought To Know About High Pressure Washer

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What Everyone Ought To Know About HIGH PRESSURE WASHER

What Everyone Ought To Know About HIGH PRESSURE WASHER

Have you experienced the days of manually scrubbing the siding of your house with a brush and bucket of water? Thankfully, those labor-intensive days are behind us. Today, we have the various types of water pressure washer. These devices have an array of applications, some of which might surprise you due to their versatility. With an extensive variety of high-pressure cleaners available in the market, the convenience and efficiency they bring to household cleaning tasks continue to make them an indispensable tool.

What is a pressure washer?

A pressure washer, as the name suggests, is a machine that uses a high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from various surfaces and objects. This includes things like buildings, vehicles, and concrete areas such as patios and driveways.

Pressure washers work by taking in regular water from a faucet and then using an electric motor to power a water pump, which produces a high-pressure water jet. They’re very effective at cleaning large areas quickly, making them a great alternative to more time-consuming methods

  • The powerful function of the Bison pressure washer cleaner can remove stains and give your walls a new look.
  • The Bison factory high pressure washer can also help you restore a clean garage floor.
  • It is very time-saving and labor-saving to use a car washer machine to peel paint from wood.
  • The deep cleaning effect of the Bison manufacturer power pressure washer will remove the grinned dirt, mold and mildew on the dirty old deck without causing any confusion.

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Types of Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers: Electric pressure washers are known for their convenience and quiet operation. They’re ideal for light to medium-duty cleaning tasks around the home, such as washing cars, outdoor furniture, or small patios. Since they run on electricity, these pressure washers produce no exhaust emissions, making them environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor use.

Gasoline pressure washers: gasoline pressure washers are more powerful and designed for larger, tougher jobs. These pressure washers are perfect for heavy-duty tasks like cleaning large decks, driveways, or exterior siding. Because they run on gasoline, they offer greater mobility as they don’t require proximity to a power outlet.

Cold water pressure washers: Cold water pressure washers are the most common type of pressure washer. They’re excellent for general cleaning tasks, easy to maintain, and typically more affordable. These machines use cold water, which is sufficient for removing dirt, mud, and loose paint.

Hot water pressure washers: These are used for tougher cleaning jobs and more challenging cleaning tasks.  The hot water effectively breaks down grease and oil, making this type of pressure washer ideal for industrial or agricultural use.The hot water helps to break down grease and oil and is great for disinfecting surfaces.

No matter what task you want to use it for, you must choose the right one for the job. Each type of powerful washing machine has a different purpose. BISON has every type of pressure washers, contact us for more information.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regular maintenance of your pressure washer ensures it operates efficiently and extends its lifespan. This includes regular cleaning, proper storage, and timely replacement of worn-out parts. For troubleshooting, refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer service.

1. Understand the meaning of the most important terms

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) – Water pressure is measured in PSI. The PSI rating is used to indicate how much pressure is required to remove stains. The stronger the chemical bond-the greater the pressure required to remove it.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM) – Water flow is measured in GPM. The higher the GPM, the larger the surface area that the pressure washer cleaner can clean in one minute. If washing machine A is rated at 2GPM and washing machine B is rated at 4GPM, washing machine B’s cleaning speed will increase twice as much as it uses twice as much water per minute for cleaning.

Cleaning Units – The real test of the pressure washer is measured by the cleaning unit, also known as the cleaning speed. Imagine two streams of water under the same pressure. The first contains twice as much water as the second. Therefore, its cleaning speed is twice as fast. You can calculate CU by multiplying PSI by GPM (PSI x GPM = CU).

Water Temperature – When you enter a professional unit, you can choose to use hot or warm water, which will vary according to the materials you clean. There is no shortage of uses for car wash pressure machine. The use of cold water is the standard configuration of Bison factory pressure cleaner , but only some professional equipment is designed for and capable of handling hot water

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How much pressure is needed? -Choose the right PSI for your pressure washer

Buyers of water pressure washer often ask how much pressure they really need from a pressure washer.

Knowing right pressure is required to successfully clean different surfaces, materials or objects will help you determine the most suitable high pressure power washer size for your use.

Remember, if you will never exceed 2500 PSI, then you can save some money by choosing a 2600 PSI pressure washer instead of a 3000 or 4000 PSI power wash machine. The added power may make you feel good, but if you will never use it, why spend money?

BBQ Grills
Bikes & Scooters
Decks & Docks
Cedar Fence
Boats & ATVs
Home Siding
Asphalt Driveway
Industrial Equipment
Graffiti & Paint Stripping

At the same time, understanding what is needed to complete the different tasks will help ensure that you choose a power washer which is powerful enough for you to clean everything.

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3. How much water flow rate is needed?–How to choose the right PSI

Although the water pressure provides pressure to break up the dirt and dust settled down, the amount of water supplied is what refreshes it to break the hidden dirt away.

Essentially, the more water that passes through the nozzle in a minute, the faster the cleaning speed. Higher GPM (gallons per minute) cleans faster because there is more flowing water to lift and take away dirt.

Imagine shooting with a spray gun on a mass of dirt on the sidewalk. It will break it, but the dirt will still be there. Now pour a bucket of five gallons of water on the dirt and it will be washed away. If you can combine the pressure of the gun with the volume of the barrel, you will have a great cleaning tool.

A pressure washer machine allows you to do this, combining high pressure with large capacity to clean the surface in record time. So don’t forget GPM, because it plays an equally important role as PSI.

14 min ×
10 min ×
8 min ×
6 min ×
4 min ×
Times shown are for comparison use only, Actual times may vary
perfect pressure washer for you

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The Bison high pressure cleaner is equipped with various tools and accessories designed to make your cleaning faster, more efficient, and most importantly, easier. If using the right accessories can save hours of work, why use standard nozzles to clean the driveway? From second-level cleaning to car washing accessories and more, as the saying goes, there is a tool (and guide) that can do this.

SN 02 800 x 800 px 1
Pressure Washer Jet Nozzle Tips
TN 30 800 x 800 px 23
Turbo nozzle
Surface Cleaner 800 x 800 px 11
Surface cleaner
Water Broom 800 x 800 px 2
Water broom
2 pack M22 14 swivel 800 x 800 px 2
Connectors and adapters
TWK 24G 800 x 800 px 4
Telescopic rods and extension straps
Foam Cannon 800 x 800 px 1
Soap and chemical syringe
Pressure Washer Hose 800 x 800 px 5
Hose and hose reel
未命名 800 x 800 px 10 1
Sewer Jetting

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